Hi, I'm Alexander Thiel.

Since I was a kid I love how code lets you create anything imaginable.
I'm committed, resilient, skilled, in love with technology, ambitious and sociable.
I worked in many startups and my goal is to positively impact culture and technology of the people around me.

I've cofounded and scaled startups. Today I build Imagine Zero, a platform for nonprofit ventures to make climate action fun and accessible.

Imagine Zero

We make climate action fun and accessible by incubating nonprofit ventures.



A collection of patterns, realizations, best practices and reads during my work as a tech manager in startups.

Interview on Changemaker

Interview about climate change, startups, activism, decision-making and playfullness.
Changemaker Podcast


A little anti-censorship side project that allows sharing ideas anonymously with nearby people. It works without SIM or internet.

“Patterns for Reactive Microservices”
@ code.talks 2017


“Reactive node.js Microservices”
@ jsunconf

Jsunconf is my favorite (un)conference so far, the level is high, conversations are meaningful and everybody's a potential speaker.

“Migrating to Reactive Microservices”
@ Google DG


Startup Weekend 2014

A 3min short report on German TV about our team at Startup weekend 2014.